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Thank you for your interest in Clifton Christian Academy (CCA) as a school for your child.  CCA is a part of a much wider global Adventist education system with almost 7000 schools worldwide.  

CCA is a small Christian school where your child will be in a multi-grade classroom with a relax and welcoming family atmosphere.  Multi-grade classroom support the social and emotional development of students.  Behavior problems are minimized because older children know the rules and can model for younger children.  Children learn to get alone with others of various ages.   

Multi-grade classrooms also support children's academic development. The wide range of skills and abilities in multi-grade classroom necessitates a more individualized approach to education. The curriculum is open-ended and adaptable. Children develop skills according to their own pace and timing, Each child learns without measuring themselves against other students of their own age. In this environment it is easy for the teachers to meet either the remedial or accelerated needs of individual children, and the teacher-to-student ratio is excellent. 

Reading is generally taught in two to three different groups while writing is often taught to the whole class at once, with different expectations for different ages. For instance, everyone may write on the same topic, with 1st graders writing a few words or sentences and drawing a picture, while 2nd graders write a paragraph or two.  

Math is the only class taught by grade level because skills must be taught more sequentially than other subjects. In the lower grade classroom, your child would be privileged to have two teachers working together at all times to ensure each child receives maximum individualized attention.

CCA also has a higher computer-to-child ratio than most elementary schools, public or private. This means that form the start, your child will maximum opportunity for daily computer use in the classroom.

Before and after care may be available. Please call the school office for more information. (513)753-1255. 


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Our History

Core Values of Seventh-day Adventist Education

Core Values of Seventh-day Adventist Education



In 1925, members of the Clifton Seventh-Day Adventist Church committed themselves to providing Christian education for their children. This commitment manifested itself in the form of Cincinnati Junior Academy (CJA), a school for the Christ-centered instruction of Seventh-Day Adventist children in grades 1-8.

Originally located on William-Howard Taft Road, CJA soon became known for its quality Christian education. As the school grew, so did interest from the surrounding community. Any parent who had an interest in providing a Christian education for his or her child, regardless of church affiliation, was welcomed to enroll their child at CJA.

By the 1960's, enrollment in CJA, had increased to such a degree that a new school needed to be built. In 1969, CJA moved to its new location on Clifton Avenue, where it stands today (renamed Clifton Christian Academy) still providing quality, Christian education for children in grades K-8 throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Since CJA opened its doors in 1925, hundreds of students have graduated from the academy and succeeded in meeting the demands of higher education. Many of our graduates send their children to Clifton Christian Academy (formerly known as CJA) to benefit from the same academically challenging and Christian environment. In addition, class sizes are kept small to allow teachers to spend more individual time with students and allow for greater student involvement.

As a multi-cultural school, CCA seeks to maintain the richness of diversity among its student population. Any student, regardless of faith or background, will be considered for admission.

We believe in:

1. Christ-centered education

2. Academic Excellence 

3. Financial support of Adventist education 

4. Qualified Christian educators 

Core Values of Seventh-day Adventist Education

Core Values of Seventh-day Adventist Education

Core Values of Seventh-day Adventist Education



  • Christ-centered - Adventist schools demonstrate the influence of the life and teachings of Christ and these values permeate every aspect of the school program.
  • Character -  Adventist educators and students reflect a Christ-like character including love, self sacrifice, compassion, grace, honesty and integrity.
  • Commitment - The school community fosters acceptance and demonstration of personal commitment to Jesus Christ, the church, and fellow human beings.
  • Excellence - Adventist education is characterized by a commitment to achieving the highest levels of quality in every aspect of the schools program.
  • Knowledge - Adventist educators are committed to infusing knowledge with spiritual development in an academic environment that allows students to reach their maximum potential.
  • Accessibility - Seventh-day Adventist Christian education is accessible and affordable for all who are willing to make Christian education and sacrificial priority.
  • Diversity - Adventist schools promote respect for the diversity of God's creation including differences in economic status, capabilities, social backgrounds, ethnicity. physical attributes, gender, and religion.
  • Relationships - Adventist educators are committed to developing positive relationships with all members of God's family by living a caring, loving lifestyle.
  • Service - Following Christ's example, administrators, teachers, students and the larger school family model a pattern of lifelong service to God and to humanity.
  • Holistic - Adventist schools provide an education that emphasizes developing the physical. mental, social and spiritual abilities as preparation for living a positive, happy life on this earth as well as throughout eternity. 


The Staff and Faculty at CCA work to:


· Build Positive Character Traits

· Challenge each student to work at his or her optimal

  Academic potential

· Inspire higher expectations from grades K-6

· Educate the whole child- mind, body and spirit

About Clifton Christian Academy


· Quality Education in a Christian Environment

· School hours Monday – Friday 9 am –        3:30 pm

· School breakfast and lunches are provided and are    paid for on a weekly basis

· Take children n Field Trips throughout the tri-state area.

· Holds events such as Spelling Bee, Music Festival,  spirit Week, Parent Night, Science Fair, Track and Field Day

· We participate in the Ed-Choice Scholarship Program

· Tuition is $5,500 a year, made payable in 10 monthly payments of $550

· We do offer Financial Aid to those who request it and qualify for it