Clifton Christian Academy

Christian Education


Our faith revolves around Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. In knowing God, true knowledge and development of self can take place. Our belief is that true education prepares the student for this life and external life with Jesus Christ. 

The Christ-centered curriculum offered at Clifton Christian Academy strives to develop the full potential of each student by focusing on each student's academic, spirual, physical, and social growth. It is our belief that parents have a tremendous responsibility to provide quality education for their children. This we have committed ourselves to working with parents to ensure their child's success. 

Student Life


Our students at Clifton Academy are surrounded with opportunities to develop the mind, body, and spirit, in and out of the classroom. Classroom excellence is rewarded in quarterly assemblies. Physical education, Music and Art are core parts of our curriculum, intramural and team sports are also being developed. 

Our students have the opportunity to participate in the school choir as well as partcipate in other music events, such as, our annual Worship Festival and Chrismas programs. Our students have learned to play chimes, bells, recorders and more as part of our music class. 

Students have had opportunities to be part of Student Council and Yearbook Committee.

We strive to develop our bodies through school activities like Friday, Jump for Heart, Field Day and our biennial week-long Outdoor Education program.

Spirit Life


Clifton Christian Academy is a Christian school; we make no apologies. It is our mission to maintain a Christ-focused environment, for Christ is the source of our strength. Our faculty and staff strive to reflect Christian their lifestyles. Our students are surrounded with spiritual influences from arrival to dismissal. Every classroom has morning worship and Bible class and prays several times throughout the day. Each classroom seizes on opportunities to teach Christian object lessons to make God more real to the students.

Our extracurricular activities begin and end with prayer, as do our meetings and gatherings. Students participate in weekly worship assemblies and biannual Student Weeks of Prayer. Our students also enjoy an amazing time at our annual Worship Festivals, where they come together with students from other schools. 

Our school welcomes students from a variety of denominations and beliefs, but our Christian values and principles guide our daily operations and our expectations of our students.